"This meditation is about self-reflection and cleansing the mind to recover one's true nature"

Hollywood Sunset Meditation

Our meditation center is located in Hollywood off of Sunset Blvd. We use a very simple, yet powerful method to cleanse the human mind which consists of stress, pain, anxiety, etc. Once the human mind is cleansed, you can recover your true nature.

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Overview of the Method

What We Do

  • Unlimited Guided Sessions
  • Individual and Small Group Sessions
  • Customized Meditation to Fit Your Schedule
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"After this meditation, all of my questions about life were answered to the extent that I was able to let go of my own perceptions and false mind."
Testimonial Face Zacary
Zacary B.
Personal Trainer
Beverly Hills
"Now over two years later, I am much more efficient with my work and finally found the courage to achieve my goal of going back to school."
Testimonial face Jessenia
Jessenia D.
USC PhD. Student
Los Angeles
"This meditation helped me to remain grounded and focused, so I could do what I needed to do at the moment."
Testimonial face George
George G.
West Hollywood

“The Way to Truth Must Be One That Anyone Can Follow; It Must Be Scientific and Systematic, and There Must Be As Much Enlightenment As One Has Cleansed His Mind.”


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Mon-Fri: 11am, 3pm, 7pm
Sat: 11am, 3pm


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