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Meditation For Anxiety Relief

1-Month Program

Improved Health & Wellness Begins with a Meditation Routine.

In our fast-paced world, are you letting stress, anxiety, and depression overtake your day-to-day life?

If so, you’re not alone. Worldwide, countless others are facing similar challenges throughout their own lives.

Although your current life may be filled with stress, starting a meditation journey is the first step toward progress.

Interested in learning life-changing meditation techniques from skilled instructors?

Get started with the Meditation for Anxiety Relief 1-Month Program!

“But I’ve Thought About or Tried Meditation in the Past and Failed..."

Although you may have tried meditation in the past, the Meditation for Anxiety Relief 1-Month Challenge uses innovative methods that turn into habit.

Guided Meditation
Each session is guided live online via Zoom, meaning you’ll have an experienced mentor taking you 
through each progression.

Small Groups
You’ll participate as part of a small group, providing a sense of community that 
encourages you to keep moving forward with your journey.

Online Participation
Sessions are online, empowering you to make positive changes from the comfort of your home. 

As a result, The Meditation for Anxiety Relief 1-Month Program provides the perfect conditions to turn this meditation into a daily practice.

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Our program lays the groundwork for a consistent meditation routine.

As a result, you can expect:​

Decreased anxietyHelping you overcome the push and pull of daily life

Heightened Relaxation - Offering tranquility and peace of mind

Restorative Sleep - Revitalizing your waking hours by ensuring restful nights

Improved Confidence - Establishing greater self-assurance and esteem

Here's how the Meditation for Anxiety Relief 1-Month Program works:

Sign up today for reduced stress and increased life fulfillment.

The Course Includes

1 Month of Online Guided Meditation

1 Hour Sessions Guided by Our Staff

Includes Lecture, Story Sharing, and Meditation

1 Private Meditation Session with Coaching

Unlimited Sessions

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1. How is this different from other meditation?

Most techniques allow people to feel temporary relief from their burdens, but as they go back to normal life, their mind also goes back to its normal state. Meditation is not about suppressing the mind, we will teach you how to discard the root cause of your pain and burden through our guided meditation method. This will allow you to see countless changes in your mental and emotional state.

2. Are the sessions pre-recorded?

No! Every session is led live online via Zoom by our staff.

3. I’m not sure if this course will benefit me. How will I know?

The only way to find out is to give it a try! This meditation is something that has to be experienced. If you meditate regularly, you will feel a significant difference after 1 month.

4. What is the schedule?

Sessions are 1 hour long from Monday to Saturday.

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