Meditation Benefits

Benefits of Meditation


All of the Mind Clutter Disappears

Once you let go of all the countless thoughts and attachments in your mind, all the mind clutter will disappear. You will live with the most peaceful mind.


The Body Becomes Healthy

The body and mind are not separate but one. When your mind is free of stress, all the blockages inside your body will disappear. Since the blockages are removed, energy will flow well. Illness and disease will disappear, your body will become its healthiest and you will have longevity.


Bright Face and Most Attractive Self

One's look is reflected what's in his mind, when the mind is stressful, the face looks dark and drained. Once you subtract the stressful mind, your face will look brighter and you will become the most beautiful according to your shape.


Efficiency Can be Boosted by  More than 10 Times

When you are free of mind, you are able to focus on doing one thing. Exhaustion disappears because all the distracting thoughts disappear. Whatever you do, you do it with your whole heart and energy. Your efficiency and effectiveness can be boosted by more than 10 times, and you can succeed in anything you do.


Wisdom to Live a Life Without Conflicts

Your mind becomes the infinite universe mind and you can see the perspective from the others' point of view. You will have the wisdom to live a life without conflicts and confrontations.


Creativity, Intuition, and Inspirations

When you are detached from your own way of thinking, knowledge, preconceptions and ideas, your mind becomes one with the universe, which is the wisdom itself. You will become the most creative according to your capacity. Inspiration and creativity will come naturally.


Understands the Holy Writings, the Bible, the Buddist Sutras, etc.

Since your mind become one with the universe, which is Truth. You can understand the holy scriptures such as the Bible, the Buddist Sutras, etc, because these holy writings are written from the place of Truth.