Most Frequently Questions and Answers 

First you can reserve a free 30 minutes online meditation introduction at anytime during our open hours by clicking here. Next you can download the Zoom app on laptop or phone. After that, 24 hours before your meditation time, we will contact you by text or call to help you set up for the online introduction.

Hollywood Sunset Meditation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. Unlike other meditation practices, which originates from a certain meditation school or religious background, this meditation is a non-denominational meditation that provides a method for all people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, cultural, educational background, religious background, etc.

The Meditation program consists of 7 levels. You need to complete each level systematically, and it’s basically the process of mind-subtraction. As much of your mind that has been discarded, your consciousness expands and you gain enlightenment. We provide the detailed information about the Meditation levels in the “The Method” page.

People try many things to calm down their minds. However, you feel relieved temporarily and as you go back to your normal life, your mind also goes back to its normal state. Meditation is not about simply suppressing your mind. We teach you this thing called “mind” and help you throw away the problems in your mind from its root through our scientific mind-subtraction method. You will see the improvements in yourself through the fundamental problem solving.

Even though you’re comfortable, time to time you feel anxiety and difficulties. That’s because things don’t work out according to your plans and that’s life. Think about the moments you were comfortable and happy. Did you feel nervous because you thought this happiness could disappear? Did you worry about the future of your family? You are not always comfortable and happy even if you live a good life. That’s because all people are tied to their minds and living life. Doubts and fear of life disappear when you empty your mind and find your true self. Finding your true self – all people who are living need to do this meditation.

You don’t need to worry about that. In fact, we suggest to students not to talk with each other because the goal isn’t to socialize, it’s the time for self-reflection. Through the meditation, you can find the cause of your fear of social interactions and you can break free from it when you throw away the root of that mind.

This Meditation is simple, but it’s difficult to meditate by yourself because you need to follow the scientific and systematic method. You need to be taught at school when you want to study academics or learn techniques, and it’s the same case for meditation. Although the meditation method is simple, the benefits come out when you practice following the instructor and also you can confirm the benefits yourself.

We are open Monday through Saturday 8AM-10PM and Sunday 10AM-3PM. Guided meditation sessions are available at anytime during our open hours. Our goal is to help you meditate at your convenience.

Once you start this meditation, you can come as many times a day for as long as you would like. You will always be guided by one of our helpers.

As much as you can. Most people come meditate for 1-2 hours per day. Some people come 2-4 times a week and sometimes even once a week. Still, they make progress as long as they come consistently. There are even people who stay all day long to meditate; they can finish up to level 7 within a few days.

We provide a free 45-minute introductory seminar for newcomers. In the introduction, we explain about the concepts of this meditation in detail, afterwards, you can decide if you want sign up for the monthly membership with unlimited guided sessions.

We have free parking in the back of our building with both parking spots labeled as “Joel Fieldman” and “Hollywood Sunset Meditation” available to park in.

We are located at the corner of 8000 Sunset Mall next to Hyde. There is an alley way leading to our parking lot. It is easier to go to the next block of Crescent Heights Blvd on Selma to come around or drive Northbound on Crescent Heights Blvd and then make a U-turn to come in.

Please refer to Driving Directions for more info.