Finding Your True Self

What Is Truth?


We have learned that Truth is everlasting and never-changing. So then, what is this eternal and never-changing existence? Let's begin by thinking about the Universe. The Universe is infinite so it cannot be drawn but let's represent it in this way.

circle contains stars, moon, sun, the earth and humans

The sky - the Universe - contains the stars, sun, moon, and Earth; and on the Earth there are people. What you see and hear, everything just as it exists, is Truth; thus, what you see here is everything that exists in the Universe.


In the Universe, there are stars, the sun, the moon and the Earth. Let us try thinking about things in the following way: Imagine we, along with the stars, sun, moon, and Earth, went back in time to an eternity ago. Scientists tell us that the life-span of a star ranges from 5 to 14 billion years. The life-spans of stars, sun, moon, Earth, and man are like a split second compared with eternity. Therefore we would have all disappeared with the passing of time, so that now, at the present time, nothing would remain but the pure emptiness.

Now imagine that a fire burned this emptiness at 100 billion degrees for eternity, to the present. This existence - the emptiness - would still just exist.


This emptiness, which is the Universe before the infinite Universe, is Truth. Without a beginning or an end, it is a living existence that existed an eternity ago and will continue to exist for an eternity after.

Truth is an everlasting, never-changing and living existence. This is the correct definition of Truth. The existence that is everlasting, never-changing and alive is the body, Jung, and mind, Shin, of the Universe, which existed before the great Universe. This existence is the sky before sky: the emptiness that is the great Universe itself. It is Truth and the very Soul and Spirit of the great Universe.

The Human Mind

a human with eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and body

Man's eyes, nose, ears, mouth and body were made as picture-taking tools from birth, and his mind is where the pictures taken of the world are stored. What we call sin or karma is taking pictures of that which belongs to the world and living in those pictures in one's mind, instead of having a mind that is one with the world. Such a person is a sinner - one who has accumulated karma - because he has betrayed the origin that is the world by making and living in his own world.

When man dies after living in the world, he ends up dying forever because he lives in an illusion, a world that does not exist in the real world. However one who has been absolved of all his sins and has been reborn in Truth is an eternal immortal. Man does not know this because his mind is overlapping the world and he mistakenly thinks he is living in the real world. His sin is living in an illusionary world that he himself has made in his own mind. This is why life is futile; why life is that of a weed, a cloud, a bubble and something that does not, simply does not, exist.

Man, whose mind is false, is always hungry, which is why he constantly tries to consume things, and tries to gain and seek Truth from what he has consumed. However, such actions only add more falseness to falseness; adding ever more suffering and burden. Only by discarding those burdens, and by this path only, can one truly become Truth.

While the time of incompletion was the period of addition and gain, the time of completion is one of subtraction. If one eliminates all that is false, only what is true will remain. Because man is false he can become true when he is eliminated. Those who try to gain Truth while holding onto falseness cannot achieve Truth, and even if they do achieve it, it is false.

The human mind is one's own world that he made by taking pictures of the world and engraving his emotions therein; emotions made by what he has seen, heard, smelled and felt in his mind. The human mind only has pictures; it is an illusionary mind that is self-centered and selfish - a mind that knows only itself.

Man Lives Inside the Human Mind World Instead of the World
a circle that contains star, moon, sun, the earth and human and a dotted circle that contains star, moon, sun, the earth and human
The World & Human Mind World
a dotted circle that contains star, moon, sun, the earth and human overlap the circle. The circle is separated from the dotted circle with stars, moon, sun, the earth and human.
Human Mind World Overlaps the World &
Separate Human Mind World from the World

Finding Your True Self

The Human Mind is consisted of Life lived (karma), Habit, and Body.
Through the 7-level method, one can discard the human mind step by step:

Level 1: Throw away the remembered thoughts

Level 2: Throw away the images of myself, images of human relationships and myself

Level 3: Throw away my body

Level 4: Throw away my body and the universe

Level 5: Throw away my body and the universe

Level 6: Throw away myself with all the minds

Level 7: Throw away the illusionary world of pictures and myself living inside that world.

When all of the human mind is destroyed, one returns to the origin, and if he is reborn from the origin, he will eternally never die. He achieves human completion and lives forever.
Already more than 5,000 people have achieved human completion. And now this meditation is causing a worldwide sensation.