Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions and Answers


How many classes can I attend if I sign up?

After signing up, you can meditate for an unlimited amount of sessions during our open hours from Monday through Saturday 8am-10pm and Sunday 10am-2pm. Most students meditate between 1 to 2 hours a day.


Is prior meditation experience required?

No. This meditation is designed for all people to grasp the concepts easily, regardless of age, educational background, experience with prior meditations, etc. Even children aged around 6-7 can do this meditation very well.


What is the origin of this meditation?

This meditation teaching started 23 years ago and has opened up 350 centers worldwide until today. Typical meditation relies on focused breathing, chanting, visualization, mindfulness, and silence, however, these are ancient meditation techniques, whereas, this meditation does not rely on any of these techniques. Instead, the founder of this meditation created an original, simple to follow, 7-step method to achieve human completion. Unlike other meditation practices that are based in religious traditions, this meditation is for the common everyday person seeking truth and the meaning of life.


What are the meditation membership options?

We have a few options for the meditation membership. Typically it's on a monthly basis, and also there is a 1-Year Contract. Both memberships include unlimited guided sessions. You may cancel the contract at anytime.