What is the Human Mind?

People live inside their own human mind world, which is composed of their life lived, body, and habits.

The human body is a camera that takes pictures using the 5 senses and stores them into the brain. People take pictures of everything they have seen, heard and experienced in their lifetime, creating their own false mind world. Because of this they live trapped inside this self-made world.

​All people believe their own false mind world to be the real world because the pictures that they have taken completely overlap the real world.   

What can I do to thoroughly cleanse

my mind?

‘The mind is thoroughly cleansed’ means to

discard the human mind and become the mind of the great universe.

This is what it means to thoroughly

cleanse the mind.

The mind that does not exist,

which is the mind of the universe,

is a mind that has absolutely nothing.

It is the mind that has completely ceased.​

Therefore his mind is thoroughly cleansed.

When you completely discard the entirety of the remembered thoughts,

habits, and body, you will become the thoroughly cleansed mind.

Cleanse The Human Mind