People live extremely busy lives these days, what with trying to provide for their families, send their children to school, and earn at least as much as everyone else. People live for the comforts of the body; even going to school is ultimately in order to succeed and live the “good” life. A true educational institution that helps people to find the true meaning of life and guides them in their study and practice of achieving this has not yet existed.
The reason and purpose people are born is to live. “Living” does not mean simply living in this world for the duration of this lifetime, it means to live eternally...

Man is born with a mind that wants to possess, so he seeks satisfaction and happiness through possession. However, there is no end to such means; ultimately, he cannot be satisfied or happy.
All greed arises from his mind of inferiority and when he is not able to have or achieve what he wants, this turns into feelings of regret and bitterness. Only when he discards his greed, will those feelings of regret and bitterness truly disappear.
Until now, man has lived trying to possess what he can because of his mind that wants to make everything his. At present, this is the way all people live...

Until now, people in religions listened to the words of saints, spoke about them, and strove to behave accordingly. Religions are places where people go to listen to the words of saints because they are incomplete. Religions are also places where one must believe those words and adhere to them. But more importantly, people have been unable to become complete in these places because they lack a concrete method...


As Naked As The Day You Came

Where have you come from
and where will you go?
Do you have sadness?
Do you have kleshas?
If so what?
Are they kleshas of knowledge?
Are they kleshas of meetings and farewells?
Are they kleshas of death?
Are they kleshas of birth, sickness, and old age?
Whatever sadness or worries you may have
they are all your meaningless delusions,
which have been born of your impure discernment.
Thus if you were to abandon all of your attachments
you would be free from your sadness.
In society today,
a person’s worth is determined by 
his state of wealth and rank,
and people believe that such things enrich their beings
which are nothing more than empty shells.
But man is an existence that departs 
as naked as the day he arrived.
Do you not go alone just as you have come alone?
Once you find yourself,
you will come to know that
you have come from nowhere and will go nowhere;
once you truly realize that
you are bound to your sadness, kleshas, and delusions
and are thus not really alive,
you will become Buddha.
Kleshas, along with all the delusions you see,
are meaningless.
Once you become enlightened
you will understand this logic.


Love is endlessly peaceful.
Love is endlessly understanding.
Love is something that only humans have.
Love is about giving what you have.
Love is about humans loving humans.
Love is about sharing goodness with others.
Love is about showing mercy to others.
Love is about giving everything to the people of the world; it is about giving what you have to others.
Love is about speaking for those who have no words.
Love is about making it possible for the deaf to hear.
Love is about being loyal to the ones you love.
Love is about giving the whole of your heart.
Love is about being of one mind even when you and another are not together.
Love is about showing a warm gesture even to those who are just passing by.
Love is about showing uncalculated kindness.
Love is about longing those you miss.
Love is about treating loved ones with love.
Love is to give to others if they are wanting.
Loving people live in a loving world,
so they treat each other with love.
And because the people of the world 
treat each other with love,
the dark clouds of anger are lifted,
and they care for one another.
At the sight of the world 
and all of its creations living on love,
I jump for joy;
no one in the world has been left behind.
The world has always been a place where 
there is no distinction between ‘you’ and ‘me,’
and such a world is indeed a great place to live in.


It is with great earnest that I say to you,
abandon your attachments;
abandon your discernments;
abandon what you know;
abandon your pride;
abandon anything and everything in your subconscious that moves you;
completely remove the fundamental roots
of all of your thoughts.

You will not die if you abandon them.
You will not lose if you abandon them.
You will gain something greater.
If you do not abandon them 
you will never reach enlightenment,
nor find your self that is at peace.
You will be Buddha if you reach enlightenment,
so why is it that you do not abandon them?
You lived creating enough kleshas in your mind,
those futile delusions.
What good have they done you?
Why are you unable to let go of them
when they provide no aid or benefit?
Let them go immediately.
Do you intend to continue fighting your kleshas?

Be simple and innocent.
Be like a child.
Be a person that knows nothing.
Abandon you curiosity.
Do not be cunning.
Abandon wealth and prosperity.
Such things are what sicken you;
they are your worst enemies.

There are steps that must be taken for all things.
Thus if you wish to reach enlightenment,
you must take action
by abandoning the things you have,
for unless you do, you will never reach it.
If you still do not wish to let go of them,
let us consider 
the countless people who have departed before you:
Are the heroes of the times or the eternal saints still alive now?
Is there anything that is indeed eternal?
They are all futile dreams of the past.
So truly let go of all that is yours -
those pointless things -
right now.
Once you do, you will find your eternal self,
which is a priceless treasure you must indeed find
while you are alive as a human being.
This is something that cannot be done
unless you are a human being,
and opportunities do not come often.
If you do not let go now
you will lose this chance for all eternity.
Time will not wait for you:
Who will you blame when you are without enlightenment?

Bright Light

The day the dark clouds are lifted
will be the day in which the world will be bright.
What does it mean for the world to be bright?
It means that
man’s individual mind will no longer exist.
It means that
his life exists, but he will not exist in it.
Such a place would be a bright world.
Such a place would be a true world.
A true world is a bright world;
a true world is a world of hope.
I await the day the dark clouds will be lifted
and the new world – the new Heaven and earth –
will be revealed.
The cloudless sky brightens the mind of man.
Likewise we will see the bright Light
when the clouds are no more;
likewise we will see the day
when everyone is smiling.

How to Live Well

To live without attachments is to live well.
To live without self is to live well.
To stand in Truth is to live well.
To live without confrontation is to live well.
To live a life of that is of nature’s flow is to live well.
To live as one is to live well.
To know that life is eternal is to live well.
To live without worries, pain, or agony is to live well.
To live as the emptiness is to live well.