Testimonial Interview

Written Testimonials

I Have Found the Answers Within

Heather N. from New York, USA

"This meditation completely put an end to my search for Truth because I have found the answers from within simply by engaging in this method."

The World Will Never Look The Same Again

Gregory R. from California, USA

"The experience lasted for three hours. After my mind became so motionless, so still, so quiet, so peaceful, so content, that I was in a state of shock."

My Heart Has Never Felt More Open

Darragh S. from New York, USA

"I feel as if I have slowly awoken from a nightmare that was my mind and can now see the beauty of this world and the beauty of people within it."

Mike from Perth, Australia

"I was so fascinated with the method, how simple and easy it was, and within 2 weeks, by completing level one, my biggest question, 'who am I?' was answered. This was a Miracle!"