Many People ask If This Meditation Is A Religion

Until now, people in religions listened to the words of saints, spoke about them, and strove to behave accordingly. Religions are places where people go to listen to the words of saints because they are incomplete. Religions are also places where one must believe those words and adhere to them. But more importantly, people have been unable to become complete in these places because they lack a concrete method.

This meditation is about becoming a person of great freedom. In this meditation, one can be reborn with the real body and mind of the Universe and Truth by discarding his human body and mind. Therefore it is where one can transcend religion and achieve human completion. It is the place where one can become a master of the true world.

illustration: escape from the human mind world, go back to the origin and reborn from the origin

This meditation is the place where you transcend religion and become resurrected as the child of God and Truth. This meditation asks us to discard the false human body and mind because it is not possible to live forever with them, and to be reborn with the eternal body and mind of the Universe that never dies and never changes. Religion exists only for a person who is incomplete; it does not exist for anyone who has become complete.

This, and only this, is the method to become Truth, and only this is true. Religion is something that exists in one's mind. The true consciousness is beyond one's conceptions and habits - when a person does not have anything in his mind that is his, and he becomes one with the Universe that is God, it is possible for him to transcend religion and become a complete existence.

Becoming complete is to become an eternally-living, never-dying immortal by becoming Truth. In other words, you are complete only when you become an existence that never dies. The existence of Truth is the Soul and Spirit of the great Universe. This existence existed an eternity before, it exists now, and it will exist and live an eternity after. It is the Creator. Everything created in the world is Truth. They are all enlightened and complete in the land of God and they exist without death. Only man is dead. His body and mind are living in an illusionary picture. For these reasons, the ultimate goal of this meditation is to help man discard his illusionary body and mind and change to the body and mind of the Universe - the real, forever-living, never-dying, immortal.